Laying of foundations of grain storage facilities

Address: Miežiūnai vil. 2, Krinčinas sub-district, Pasvalys district; Janioniai vil., Čiobiškis sub-district, Širvintos district

Customer: UAB “Inter-Silo”

Status: Contractor

Works completed: piling of foundations of grain storage facilities, raft installation, concreting of bottom, concreting of reception pit (more…)

Installation of liquid fertilizer storage system

Address: Mažeikių st. 21, Telšiai

Customer: UAB “Kauno grūdai” and partners

Status: General Contractor

Works completed: installation of storm sewer and drainage, steelwork erection, scaffold bridge erection, installation of process equipment for liquid fertilizer unloading, installation of automatic control system, concreting of loading sites, concreting of shielding pond, landscaping  works. (more…)

AB “Kauno grūdai” Telšiai GS

Mažeikių st. 21, Telšiai

Customer: UAB “Kauno grūdai“ and partners.

Status: Contractor.

Foundation laying at grain storage facilities 90m3, installation of reinforced concrete ducts and pits for grain storage conveyors 210 m3, construction of the grain reception laboratory, installation of the r/c grain storage site 2000 m2, installation of heavy-weight vehicle scales (30 m3), etc (more…)

Shopping centre “MAXIMA X”

Vilniaus st. 43, Kuršėnai

Customer: UAB “Inrestus”

Status: Subcontractor

Total area: 1200 m2

Works completed: installation of reinforced concrete products, multilayer slabs, roof deck (more…)

PE “Šiaulių DRMC“ Medical Rehabilitation Centre

Construction of buildings of the Professional Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled People and of the Medical Rehabilitation Centre.

Algirdo st. 42D, Mažeikiai.

Customer: UAB “Rudesta“

Status: Contractor

Foundation laying, construction of walls, installation of reinforced concrete structures, wall plastering, finishing of non-ventilated façade, site clean-up works. (more…)

Residential apartment building

Polocko st. 17, Vilnius

Customer: UAB “Litcon”

Status: Contractor

Construction of walls using ceramic bricks (300m3), installation of prefabricated staircase sections and landings, cast-in-situ and precast reinforced concrete floors (800m2), balcony panels. (more…)

Industrial building

F. Vaitkaus st. 5, Šiauliai

Status: Subcontractor

Wall plastering, floor concreting.

Commercial Building

M.Šleževičiaus st., Vilnius

Status: Subcontractor

Installation of reinforced concrete caps and retaining walls