Professional logistics and road transport services. Logistics specialists with many years of experience select the most convenient routes for carriage of goods by trucks. UAB “Rostanas” represents customer’s interests at customs authorities and deals with cargo transportation documents.

Carriage of goods by land is the most flexible type of transportation which allows you to transport goods of different dimensions and weights. Acting in accordance with a strict schedule the company can provide particularly accurate time for dispatch and receipt of goods. Each route is planned individually in order to incur the lowest possible cargo transportation costs. Our team with many years of work experience rapidly provides detailed information about the movement of cargo and guarantees its maximum security.

UAB “Rostanas” is engaged in transportation of standard, special and dangerous goods. The main specialization of UAB “Rostanas” is carriage of goods between the Baltic and Scandinavian countries, i.e. to Sweden and Norway.

Modern GPS and GSM equipment is used for carriage control which allows us to communicate with a truck driver and receive all the information related to transportation of goods. Goods being carried are covered by cargo insurance and carrier’s liability insurance (CMR).

Large curtain-sided road train: volume: 120 m3, 38 europallets (EP)

Curtain-sided semi-trailers: volume: 92m3, 34 europallets (EP)

Curtain-sided mega semi-trailers (Jumbo): volume: 100 m3, 34 europallets (EP)

Platforms for transportation of oversized cargos: low-deck, lengthened, widened.