UAB “Rostanas” was established on 9 July 1998. It is a certified construction company entitled to act as a contractor of a construction works of exceptional significance.

The company has developed, documented, implemented, monitors and constantly improves the management system in the field of logistics and construction works in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 as well as ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, which have been introduced during performance of works at sites and administrative premises of the company.     

UAB “Rostanas” is engaged in performance of construction works of general type, installation of internal and external engineering networks for residential and non-residential buildings. The company carries goods within the EU countries, performs functions of a general contractor, contractor and subcontractor, possesses its own construction equipment and has its own production plant.

UAB “Rostanas” has a staff of approximately 50 employees. Construction of objects is supervised by highly-qualified and certified specialists. The aim of the company is to improve qualification of employees and introduce new technologies.

The company possesses its own construction equipment, has its own production plant and fully equipped facilities for performance of different construction works. Engineering-technical personnel are provided with computer software.

The company works in cooperation with partners regularly and thoroughly selected for performance of specific construction works, supply of construction products and machinery of the highest quality for its own activities and for activities of partners selected.

We are confident that:

  • The key to our success is satisfaction of customers’ needs and expectations;
  • Customers’ feedback allows us to learn more about their needs and expectations in order to continually improve our services;
  • Activity, mutual understanding and trust are the key to quality improvement.

UAB “Rostanas” undertakes to fulfill customers’ orders:

  • In a timely manner;
  • In a quality manner;
  • In accordance with established technological and safety requirements;
  • Ensuring that services and products comply with applicable laws and other requirements.

In order to ensure the quality the company constantly:

  • Plans and manages operating processes related to the quality of works performed and obligations to a customer;
  • Improves operating processes by increasing technological effectiveness;
  • Evaluates operating results and improves the company’s activities on the basis of these results;
  • Determines the quality policy, objectives and tasks and continually analyzes the conformity of operating results with customers’ requirements focusing on the needs of customers and of the market.